Bird Baths

Fresh water for birds

There are lots of ways to provide water in the garden with the simplest being a bird bath. A dish of water is the simplest form replicating a puddle.

A more aesthetic option is an ornamental bird bath forming a feature in your garden as well as providing for birds.

It needs to have a shallow approach to water to allow different species to bathe. Make sure the surface of the bath is rough so birds can grip it with their claws do not slip.
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Types of Bird Bath

There are many different types and brands of bird baths available for sale on the internet.

  • Stone Birdbath
  • Copper Birdbath
  • Solar Birdbath
  • Modern Bird Bath
  • Cast Iron Bird Bath
  • Concrete Bird Bath
  • Bronze Bird Bath
  • Heated Bird Bath
  • Pedestal Bird Bath
  • Bird Bath Dripper
  • Bird Bath Misters
  • Hanging Bird Bath
  • Ground Bird Bath
  • Aqualín™
  • Birdbath Raft™
    Echoes Birdbath
  • Carousel Ceramics
  • WaterMark™
    Water Wiggler™

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